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Define Your Fears or You’ll Never Push Past Them

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Being fearful is one of the largest stopping blocks that people experience. Fear of failure, fear of being disliked, of being cast out, ending up alone, etc. Most of the time, these fears aren’t even really real; not rational fears. And more important than that is that most of the time the fears aren’t actually defined.

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What your website visitors want to see – and how to lose them

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I saw an article on entitled “Almost Half of Your Visitors Leave Your Website if They See 1 of These 3 Things. The article had some very useful information about what your visitors want to see on your site, though due to some sort of lapse in editorial oversight they forgot to mention the These 3 Things. Oh well. I’ve summarized what your visitors need to see here in this post.

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ALL THE EXPERTS – Some thoughts on expertise

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Have we reached PEAK EXPERT? This has been coming up a lot lately in my Mastermind group and in conversations I’ve been having with friends and colleagues: What does it even mean to be an expert at something? I’m seeing a rather disconcerting trend whereby folks who take a couple of online classes and decide that they’re going to put their own (tragically minor) spin on it and go into business teaching that thing themselves. The trouble is that this person isn’t an expert; they just took a couple of courses and now they’re going to regurgitate this plagiarized shit back on their own customers. How do you tell the difference?

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8 Common Homepage Mistakes & 10 Rules to build by

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The topic of how to build a truly great homepage has been on my mind a lot over the past few weeks.

First, I’m going to list out some very common homepage mistakes I see out there in the wild. Next I’ll make some recommendations that you can apply right away. Finally I’ll give you a short list of homepage rules that I’ve developed over the years which I edit regularly to keep up with the times.