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8 Common Homepage Mistakes & 10 Rules to build by

In Branding, Marketing, Training by Christopher Michael Foley0 Comments

The topic of how to build a truly great homepage has been on my mind a lot over the past few weeks.

First, I’m going to list out some very common homepage mistakes I see out there in the wild. Next I’ll make some recommendations that you can apply right away. Finally I’ll give you a short list of homepage rules that I’ve developed over the years which I edit regularly to keep up with the times.

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How Clear is Your Brand Message?

In Branding, Freelance by Christopher Michael Foley0 Comments

Consider your message for a moment. Your brand message that you’ve got on your site, business card, and so forth. Got it in your mind’s eye? Good. Now riddle me this: how well does your message reflect what your company does in your marketplace?

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A Social Experiment Leads to Better Leads

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We’re conducting an online experiment to track a handful of different content posts across several platforms. We run this sort of test every couple of years to learn more about what’s currently working out there in Social Media Land and what’s not working.