Looking for a good Shopping Cart? Consider a Gravity Forms Pay Form instead

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I get this one a lot from folks who need to sell a few (usually) services or maybe some digitally-delivered informational products from their websites.

The question ultimate comes down to:

“Which eCommerce system is best for my needs? Shopify? BigCommerce? Magento? Ultracart? Volusion? WooCommerce? OMG there are so many options.. HELP!!”

Okay, well maybe none of those options will be the best for you.

eCommerce platforms are perfect for folks who run an online store with an inventory. If you’re selling T-Shirts, or jars of applesauce, posters, hand-crafted jewelry, etc, you’ll need a “real” eCommerce system. Shopify is good for some, but WooCommerce and WordPress are better for most — though that’s a different blog post altogether.

So what if you’re selling live training events? Or one-on-one consultation sessions? Or an online course requiring monthly subscription payments? For these types of products you do NOT need to bother with setting up an eCommerce platform — it’s just overkill. Think of it this way: is your product something that people would/should put into a shopping cart? If you’re a services business, the answer to this is likely no. A pay form is better for you, not to mention far more affordable.

Let’s say that you’re a Consultant, and you sell your services in blocks of hours. People can buy a 5-hour block of your time for $500 or a 12-hour block of your time for $1,000. Some of your clients will buy one block of hours and that’s all. Others will put you on a monthly retainer for the duration of a contract term. Let’s face it, you don’t need a Shopify store to handle this. In fact, most shopping cart systems don’t have the intelligence built in to handle services-based products. Instead, let’s look at Gravity Forms.

gravityforms_logo_outlineGravity Forms is one of a handful of really great forms systems which will integrate into your existing WordPress website. (As an aside, I’ve worked with Formstack, Ninja Forms, Caldera, and others, and Gravity Forms is by far my favorite of the bunch.) Additionally, we’re starting to see Gravity Forms show up as being already integrated in a handful of really great WordPress themes currently on the market. The system is feature-packed, and the available Add-Ons are its secret sauce.

I use Gravity forms to do a rather lot of things.

First, it’s a terrific Contact Form. It can integrate with MailChimp and a handful of CRM systems such as Highrise, Zoho CRM, and Capsule CRM, which makes Gravity Form a huge plus for most of my website customers. It’s a terrific event registration system, for both free and paid events, which allows us to easily build out events sales pages without having to muck about with far more complex and expensive event registration systems.

Gravity Forms integrates with payment gateways such as Authorize.net, PayPal Payments Pro, and my personal favorite — Stripe. For a list of Gravity Forms integrations, see this: http://www.gravityforms.com/add-ons/

We can also build out advanced surveys, quizzes and polls using Gravity Forms, or you can put together (say) an event registration form that captures your attendees’ relevant data, takes their payment, polls them on various event-related feedback that you might want to capture, and then sends that info to MailChimp so that they can start receiving their event-related email messages, and puts them into your CRM system as a paid customer with whatever tags you want to add to that record on its way in. Freaking Awesome!

Gravity Forms has 3 license tiers:

  1. Personal = $39/year
  2. Business = $99/year
  3. Developer = $199/year

The Personal license allows you to use Gravity Forms as a simple, but powerful contact form or data capture form. The Business license allows for you to use the Basic Form Add-Ons such as integration to services such as MailChimp, or AWeber. The Developer license is required to unlock Advanced Form Add-Ons, such as Payment Gateways, CRM integrations, Dropbox, Polls, Quizzes, Signatures, and User Registrations.

If you’re interested in looking into this system to handle your pay capture needs, you’ll need the Developer License, and if you hire us to put it all together for you, we’ll give you access to the system via our own Gravity Forms Developer license for only $99/year, and we’ll handle the updates for you. This is why Gravity Forms offers the Developer Licenses after all; so that developers such as PXLPOD Web Strategy will advocate their system, promote it amongst their customers, and support it. We love the system, and we think that you will too.

Here are a few use-cases for which we’re running Gravity Forms.

  1. Event Registration Sales page and Registration/Payment capture form: https://strategicsamurai.com/workshops/
  2. New Customer Pre-Sale Survey: http://beneflexsb.com/products-services/benovation-breakthrough/
  3. Simple Contact form with integrations into MailChimp and Highrise CRM: http://intronetworks.com/

We’ve also got Gravity Forms working for us here on the site. It’s powering our contact forms at the page bottoms and also the payment capture form on our Managed WordPress Hosting signup page HERE.

Cheers, and thanks for reading.
~ Christopher


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