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PXLPOD Services Overview

PXLPOD Services Overview


Your website is the heart of your online world. The hub. The mothership. The buck, quite literally, stops here. The web world has matured rapidly and user expectations are higher and more demanding than ever before. Your brand’s credibility is significantly impacted by how well you present yourself online.

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Running eCommerce online once required learning difficult platforms which made for good shopping carts but weren’t very good for much else. Now WooCommerce adds full store capabilities to your existing WordPress website while retaining the excellent WordPress features you’ve grown to rely on.

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Lead Generation

There are a lot of people selling online, and you need to find a way to be heard above all of the noise. The old ways don’t work anymore. Lead Generation is the process of building an audience around shared values and interests relevant to your brand. Good leads make for likely customers, but you need a plan.

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Once you’ve got your Lead Generation plan in place it’s time to cultivate those leads and engage them with interesting and valuable messaging. Engaged leads are good leads, and ignored leads dry up. We build long and short-term campaigns that convert leads into customers and customers into repeat buyers.

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Good SEO begins with Keyword Research and Optimization of your existing on-page content. Your content is your key to increased organic traffic. Make every word on your pages work for you. Learn what your audience is searching for now, and use paid search ads to bring in new customers.

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Content Creation and management is one of the most difficult initiatives for small businesses to begin on their own. We can get you started with a content strategy, and work with you to develop an editorial calendar, and to produce high-value, high-engagement content to be published in regular intervals.

Good Content Converts


Social Media is not about selling. It’s about building community and enthusiasm around your brand’s values and mission. Understand the platforms best for your brand, engage your audience, and expose them to your values through your high-value content. Loyalty will follow and loyalty brings many benefits for your brand.

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Our Consulting Services include training and development programs for your existing marketing department. Empower your team members with current best-practice techniques & insights so they can run our long & short-term campaign strategies effectively and powerfully post-launch. This is fast becoming one of our most popular products.

Knowledge is Power

How we do what we do



Time to get friendly! The better we understand your business model & your long and short-term goals, the better we are able to help you reach and exceed those goals. We will meet with you and your team to uncover the diamonds awaiting their turn to shine. We find this process to be of high value to our clients as well as to our team & to the project at hand.



Our Design & Strategy process is highly collaborative and intended to combine our industry expertise with your own team's historic brand and operational knowledge. We work closely with your team as we travel through our Roadmap, Wireframe, Mockup, Design, Sitemap, & Data Architecture phases. We continue until you are as excited with our plan as we are.



Once we have your new Online Strategy plan in hand it's time to get out there and make it real. We keep you looped in with regular progress calls and we invite you into our Project Management environment to participate as much or as little as you like. We follow Expert Development with Careful & Accessible One on One Training for your team to ensure the highest possible success for your project.