Consulting Packages & Hourly Service Rates

Consulting Packages & Hourly Service Rates

Consulting Rates


2-hour minimum2-hour consulting block to apply as needed



one time or per month10-hour retainer block to apply as needed



5-hour block5-hour block of development time to apply as needed

Prices current as of January 2017.
**Does not include Logo and Branding Design Services.

NEW: PXLPOD University

By popular demand, we're now officially introducing a service that we've been testing privately since early 2014.

Your in-house marketing team is terrific, but they're spread thin and they could use some help, guidance, & insight. This is where our residency training program really shines. We'll travel to your location and work with your team to develop and build their skills around the demands of today's online marketing directives.

Teaching only today's best practices, we'll leave your team with competency in the following areas:

  • Create and manage an ongoing editorial calendar
  • Utilize Social Media and WordPress publishing tools
  • Understand Google Analytics & gain actionable insights from weekly reports
  • Create a short and long-term content marketing strategy
  • Learn to use Social Media as a customer service tool
  • Understand the purpose of breaking content publishing into indexed scheduling for better promotion and search rank
  • Learn to utilize Ad Groups and keyword phrases to better manage the content process
  • Learn to conceptualize and build powerful landing pages for effective lead generation

This residency program costs $5,000 for one week with a 2-week maximum, plus travel expenses.*  We're available to review team progress after a 30 day period and return for 1 additional week within each 90-day period.

*Travel expenses will vary based on client location.

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