[Podcast] The Web Can Be a Scary Place — Be Sure to Have a PLAN

In Marketing, Training by Chris Foley


I had the privilege of sitting down with Mark Sylvester of 805Connect and Patrick Melroy of Pullstring Press for a rousing 805Conversation which centered on the importance of having a strategy in place as you begin to build your web presence. This is the second time that Mark and I have had a chance to talk about Web Strategy, particularly about the Christopher Michael / PXLPOD thinking behind web strategy. This time the emphasis was on digging deep into the various aspects of web strategy that are often overlooked. including;

  • Where's your blind spot
  • Are you an expert in your field and how to become a thought leader
  • How to overcome the sense of being overwhelmed

If you missed our first conversation, Small Fixes Make Big Changes, you can find it here: http://805connect.com/web-strategy/

Buzzword Bingo: Dripping Value on You

If you're into Podcasts, this is a very good one, and you should check it out HERE. Give the 805 some love and subscribe via iTunes if you're feeling the community thing.


Thanks for stopping by. You're the best. Srsly.

Thanks for stopping by.
You're the best. Srsly.