Breakout Mode in Cornerstone

In Cornerstone / Themeco Pro by Chris Foley

Breakout Mode allows you to quickly copy and paste across multiple control types. This is great for power users or if you like the look of simple inputs for managing your Element data.

How to Use Dynamic Content in Cornerstone

In Cornerstone / Themeco Pro by Chris Foley

In Part 5 of Getting Started w/ Cornerstone, we’re going to dive into the world of dynamic content in WordPress. In short, dynamic content allows you to build highly custom and personalized websites through pre-populated bits of data (it’s exciting, I promise).

Cornerstone Elements

In Cornerstone / Themeco Pro by Chris Foley

In Part 3 of Getting Started w/ Cornerstone, we’re going to show you the most impressive Element library of any website builder on the market today.

Meet Cornerstone

In Cornerstone / Themeco Pro by Chris Foley

Welcome to Getting Started w/ Cornerstone! In this inaugural episode, we’re going to give you a quick overview of Cornerstone — the most advanced website builder in WordPress.

Cornerstone Guided Tour for Pro

In Cornerstone / Themeco Pro by Chris Foley

What is Cornerstone? Only the most advanced website builder in WordPress and powerhouse behind X and Pro — our two popular WordPress themes. X customers have access to limited Cornerstone features in a separate plugin whereas Pro users have access to everything natively (no extra plugin needed).

How to Build Sliders in WordPress

In Cornerstone / Themeco Pro by Chris Foley

Learn about Cornerstone’s powerful new Slider Element and build native sliders in WordPress, all without 3rd party plugins or extra code! Cornerstone is the world-class page builder behind two of the most popular WordPress themes on the market — X and Pro.

Who Needs Photoshop When You Have CSS Grid and Filters?

In Cornerstone / Themeco Pro by Chris Foley

One of the great advancements in web design is the advent of modern tools, like our very own Pro, that allow you to quite literally build in the browser. This significantly improves efficiency, allowing you to bypass one whole step in the process (bye bye Photoshop). Now you can iterate on the design right in the very tool you are building your website, and that is powerful!

Pro is uniquely special in this regard, and in many ways is the future of WordPress themes. And we know…that’s a bold statement…so let us prove it to you! In today’s video, we continue our exploration of a few classic pieces of cover art design from the Blue Note Records archives talking specifically about John Coltrane’s 1958 release, “Blue Train.”

We’ll recreate this completely in Pro and cover detailed use of the Background Size and Background Position properties, as well as using Mix Blend Mode to “filter” our image just like you might in Photoshop…but without the Photoshop, directly in the browser. Additionally, we’ll discuss the use of CSS filters to further explore adding contrast and brightness to our images. Finally, we’ll dig into using the CSS Grid layout system to block out our album design, and use CSS transforms to creatively manipulate text…and break a few rules along the way.

I Broke the ONE Rule You’re Not Supposed to Break in Typography (CSS Tutorial)

In Cornerstone / Themeco Pro by Chris Foley

Let’s talk advanced web design.

In this first video of a three part series, we’ll be taking a deep dive into the cover designs of Blue Note Records and see how we can apply some of the lessons we learn to the world of web design with good ol’ HTML and CSS. We’ll be exploring creative uses of CSS filters, the CSS grid spec, mix blend mode, image layering, and so much more to recreate these timeless classics directly in the browser…no Photoshop needed.

One of the really interesting things about Blue Note is that while they produced some of the most iconic pieces of music in the jazz genre, they were almost equally as well known for their creative and bold album covers. These sophisticated works combined creative typography, clever photography, striking color combinations, and modern grid layouts in ways never seen before. If you’d like to follow along with us in this series, check out our Design Cloud asset based on the ideas that we are going to be exploring:…​

You can use that web design template to deconstruct these ideas further and implement similar techniques on your own website if it fits your creative vision.

How to Build Mega Menus in WordPress

In Cornerstone / Themeco Pro by Chris Foley

Who here likes their menus *mega*? I see you raising your hand in the back of the class. In this video, we’ll explore Cornerstone’s new dropzone-powered Dropdown, Modal, and Off Canvas Elements, which allow you to implement designs and layouts using anything from the Element Library directly within the content areas of these contexts! As a case study, we’ll explore the Mega Menu Prefab Elements as a jumping off point to get you creating your own custom mega menu designs in no time (we’ll also cover a few auto responsive tricks and tips along the way).

Loopers: Nesting Repeaters with ACF Pro

In Cornerstone / Themeco Pro by Chris Foley

We have arrived! In the third (and final) installment of our series on using Loopers with ACF Pro, we explore the concept of Repeaters, which give us the ability to loop through custom lists of data for our designs. But we don’t just stop there. We take things to a whole new level by showing you how (and why) you can nest Repeaters *within* other Repeaters to create complex datasets to achieve almost any type of output you can imagine.

Loopers: Setting up an ACF Pro Gallery

In Cornerstone / Themeco Pro by Chris Foley

In the second of our three-part series on combining ACF Pro with Loopers, we’ll dig deeper into working with multi-dimensional fields using the “Gallery” post field. We’ll discuss how to setup Providers and access that data with multiple Consumers, in addition to walking through the general design setup as a whole to give you some ideas for thinking creatively when working with your content.

Loopers: Getting Started with ACF Pro

In Cornerstone / Themeco Pro by Chris Foley

Loopers, loopers, loopers. It seems to be all anyone is talking about around here lately…and with good reason. Loopers open up so many possibilities when working on design patterns for your website, which is why we are incredibly excited to announce a brand new Looper Provider with this latest release cycle (and it’s a biggie): ACF Pro Integration! ???? Follow along as we begin our ACF Pro journey with an example template that showcases just a few of the many possibilities opened up to our designs when pairing this industry standard plugin with our powerful Looper feature.

Effect Deconstruction

In Cornerstone / Themeco Pro by Chris Foley

From simple to advanced, effects can add just the right touch to your website. In this video, we do an in-depth walkthrough of a more advanced interaction effect that requires us to break down our design into multiple Elements that will be chained together to create a uniform look and feel that would otherwise be impossible with just one layer. Follow along as we learn more about effect deconstruction and how you can use it in our website builders.