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CSS Grid: Introduction & Overview (Crash Course)

In by Pausha Foley

The CSS Grid spec is a powerful new layout engine that gives web developers and designers incredible control over their markup like never before. Join us as we explore Themeco’s new Grid Element which aims to take the amazing power of this new design paradigm and make it easily accessible for all to work with. In this video we’ll explore the general setup of the Grid Element as a whole, layout basics such as native gaps between cells, content alignment, et cetera, and then towards the end we’ll start exploring the true power of CSS Grid: cell placement. Being able to move our content freely across the grid is something that might seem a little intimidating at first, but after a while you’ll start to wonder how you ever lived without it. So jump on in and see what the Grid Element can do for you in your next site build! Don’t forget there are several new Grid Templates in Design Cloud you can download to play around with as well. Not only are the beautifully designed and ready to use, you can deconstruct them to see the Grid Element in action!