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How to Connect or Disconnect ShopSync

In by Pausha Foley

In this video, we will review how to connect and disconnect ShopSync. To install Shopsync, we will login into our Shopify store. From there, we will click Apps, then visit the Shopify App Store.

Find the ShopSync listing, and click Add app. Then, click Install app and Connect. In the pop-up window, we will input our Mailchimp credentials and click Log in. After we connect, we will select the audience we want to work with, choose our double opt-in settings, and map merge tags. Then, we will click Start Sync. That’s it! ShopSync will start to send our store information to Mailchimp.

The time it takes to sync depends on account data and the number of orders in our store. If you decide to disconnect ShopSync, you can uninstall it at any time by logging into your Shopify store and clicking Apps. Then just click the trash icon next to ShopSync, select a reason for uninstalling and click Delete to uninstall. That’s it!